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Sensual Embodiment Dance Session


Embodiment is a practice in which we consciously express our body and dive deep into our senses - it is an incredibly healing and transformative experience.

Our bodies store old emotions and trauma whether we want them or not - these old energies hold you back from unleashing your full potential and power to create a life of magic and ease, where you feel sexy and empowered.

This physical body may not feel perfect, but it is our home, it is a gift through which we can experience this earthly world. 
Your body is your personal oracle that guides you and leads you into your soul's purpose when you connect with it, feel your body and listen.

As women, we have an incredible power and wisdom within us that is waiting to be expressed.

By consciously connecting to this power, feeling our bodies and diving into our sensuality, we are limitless and can manifest and create anything. You will feel yourself on a deeper, more self-aware and empowered level.  

Embodiment is about wholeness. 
Being able to deeply and fully feel everything that happens to you, process emotions and let go. Ultimately, it's about feeling yourself & feeling at home in your body. 


All your senses will be awakened to meet yourself on a deeper level, with an open heart and surrender. We will consciously connect with the feminine energy that represents wildness, divinity, lightness, truth, sexuality and expression, along with conscious movement and sound. 


I will guide you through the entire session and you do not need to have any previous experience. It is especially important to me that we respond individually to your current state in order to bring consciousness into your being,
there are no limits.

We dissolve blockages and transform you into your highest potential. 
This session is about you, your femininity and your personal transformation - my question to you:

How deep do you want to go?

Are you ready to take yourself to a higher level? 

After booking your individual session, you will receive an e-mail with all the information you need for the session. 

Much love to you, 

I look forward to seeing you. 

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