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My personal life & community of sisters.

On my Patreon I share my heart and soul with you.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where I share my journey of live and talk all about what it means to be a woman. 

My greatest inspiration in life always have been women and always will be;

women who stand in their power and live a life from the heart, knowing who they are.

Fearless & bold. 

I created this space for us - to bring beautiful sisters together who truly want to go big, create a life of beauty, abundance and magic. 

lets create a new world; a world where women cherish each other, support each other and create sacred sisterhood. 

Weekly video every Sunday. (+ more vlogs through out the week)

Topics: Spirituality, Manifestations, Womb-Healing, Transformation, Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine, Sexuality, Magic, Goddesses & Beauty... all the jummy stuff your heart & pussy needs.

More Blog entries & Poetry.

Live Q&A once a month.

2x Monthly Embodiment Live Sessions - we dive deep into ritual, breathwork, movement & dance to heal, transform & manifest.

Embodiment Sessions = Embodiment is a term used to describe the mind and body connection. It is the foundation of somatic therapy.

Additional Embodiment sessions to follow on your own.

Beautiful community of soul sisters. 𓆃

Spotify Playlists

What to expect?

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